To migrate or not?

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2AM thoughts: I've been thinking about the migration thing, to wherever. Like quite a lot. 

Back in 2014, before my graduation, I made a covenant with my naive self, to not seek the need to migrate just to earn money. 

My wife has a financially self-sufficient business with a likelihood of scaling soon, not to mention we have already the things that we never dreamt of, material things, ie house, car, and whatnot. I'm already earning a lot here, at least when talking about PH software engineers' rates. My current full-time remote job allows me to only work for 2-3 days a week, and spend the rest of the week to improve my knowledge on any other things, plus they adhere to PH employment laws and holidays, not all remote jobs do that! - effin' best, right? So why migrate? 

Working outside the country means starting back to zero; working in the office; you wouldn't know if that future new job will make you happy or get you knackered; will there be toxic workmates? good or awful team leads, managers, bosses? - you won't know, it's a risk to take, but getting out of your comfort zone certainly means growth - sounds cliche but it's true, and I do have established my comfort zone already. Every job opportunities that come to my LinkedIn or Email inboxes, I just shrugged them off

There's simply no other place like our motherland. I told my friend who shared his planned migration that one way to tell if you're fit or rather you prefer to live in the other countries is to experience it yourself - travel. When my wife and I went to a couple of countries before, I always wanted to go back to PH soon. I always looked forward to flying back after a couple of days. Or perhaps it was a pretty normal feeling - to miss someone and something and eventually you'll be able to adapt and move on.  We should do that. We will definitely travel as tourists to our chosen country, stay there for a couple of weeks, or for as long as our visa would allow us to, and then assess if we feel like living there permanently. That's it!

I think that what matters most about staying in this country is my current job. And also the fact that I can certainly push my capability of acquiring sources of our income. And what counts the most in living in better countries is their on par healthcare,  education, and retirement systems. I guess these are already sufficient reasons to continue aspiring to migrate.

A Week In South Korea 🇰🇷

Photo from Google | or Flickr rather. | Creative Commons

This is Glenn, writing. I am composing this blog post in a coffee shop called “Angel-in-us” located in Seoul station, hours before our flight back home. I never thought that I would be posting again on this blog. The following are the thoughts of my wife about the country, its people, and everything - well, mostly mine, she’s not here, she’s currently at Lotte Mart.

Day 0:

Let’s begin, start everything with Day 0 (Monday), cause why the hell not? In my field of work, data are to be started with zero lol. We arrived at Incheon Airport here in South Korea at around 10:30 PM, as far as I can remember. Hopped into a shuttle to go to a concourse to pick our luggage up, then travelled again to Seoul station, and walked a few km to our place.

While strolling, we saw a homeless gran. She talked to us in Korean, obviously we didn’t understand anything. She was smiling and perhaps asking for money or food. All fellow Koreans merely ignored the poor lady. Well, I was just surprised. A well developed country having so much rubbish plus a homeless lady wandering at late night. When we were in Singapore, I believe I saw one homeless aged woman too, selling stuff.
---- Fast forward, I left this post in my draft folder, and I had to wait to go back in the Philippines to force my self finish writing. I’d like to keep this post now as short as possible. ----

Day 1:

I forgot to mention that the timezone of SK is GMT+9, Phillipines has +8. So morning, it was cold, I loved it. Saw some posters of well known kpop groups in the subway. I tested as well their free internet connection and gaddamn it was fast. I think SK has a faster internet connection compared to Singapore. Not sure, can’t remember. We had our breakfast at Myeongdong Two Two Chicken, their chickens are the best! We went to a place where there are lots of palaces but unfortunately all of those were closed. My wife and I next moved on to meet my cousin, had our lunch at Myeongdong. My cousin introduced to us the street foods there and some few Korean words we could use.
Did you know?: You can throw your used toilet paper in the bowl, just toilet paper. Apparently their toilet papers are water soluble or whatever correct term should be used for that. You don’t want to do that here in the Philippines. The structure of our sewers are poorly made that they can be easily clogged.

Day 2:

My wife and I went to Ewha University, took a couple of pictures there and went ahead to uhhh somewhere in Seoul to rent Hanbok and visit the castles. While this experience is a must have, it was fucking exhausting. I enjoyed it, it made me more interested in Korean’s culture. The day did not just end there. We travelled next to Seoul World Cup Stadium then had our dinner at their hidden food court.
Ehwa University 

Did you know?: Although this might be nonsense to you, I’m still going to mention it. Their hidden food court is on the same floor with their department store (clothes and everything). There must be a reason why our malls here in the Philippines do not put food courts and stalls on the same floow with the department stores.
Also, Koreans clean their shits up afrer eating. They deliver their plates to the counter of the food store and throw their wastes on to the proper trash can. Self service for everyting baby. Guess what? My wife and I had our breakfast in Jollibee just hours ago and it’s funny that we decided to bring and do such good habit.

My wife and I, wearing Hanbok

Day 3:
Nami Island is the main thing to visit today. We grabbed quick an Iced America, as usual, for faster caffeine intake. And boy their bread is awesome, I am talking about their crossaint, and the coffee shop’s name is Café StoryWay. We met a filipino along the way. The weather was damn hot but the wind was blowing cold, enough to compensate the skin piercing sunlight.
Next stop was still in Gyeonggi-do, I can’t remember the name of the garden but it was a flower and plants garden lalala. Edit: it's called Morning Calm.
Nami Island

Did you know?: Their buses and trains are freakin on time. Especially the bus. When they say it leaves at 6:00 PM, it should be on its way at 6:01 PM and no one can hop in anymore.
Also I think the grans in South Korea have so much previledges, so much that they just spit on any train stations. My wife saw one lady spit on her hand and gaddamn she wiped it on to the handrail. God bless that thing.

Day 4:

First stop was Han River. But before we went there, we had our buffet “brunch” at the Meat-ing (unlimited Meat), then next my wife tried to buy some Korean dresses lol.
Next stop was the Namsan Tower / Park… It was beautiful but tiring af. Dinner was at the Myeongdong Two Two Chicken, this time I ordered a draft. That draft was cool.
Did you know?: Korean stores do not let customers try and fit the clothes they wanna buy. That’s just sad.

The Namsam Tower

Han River

Day 5:

We met again my cousin and she treated us, for the second time, our “merienda” and dinner (buffet). Oh we went to Sorae windmill. It was cool.

I left our stuff for a couple of minutes because I had to go to the toilet, and boy our things were still at their spot when I came back. We had to do that again when we went to the windmill and took some cool photos.

So that was pretty much it. There are tons of stories that can be included here, but I choose not to because time is indeed gold, and I have to work on something else much more important. South Korea has flaws, nevertheless, we’ll certainly visit again. I’ll surely miss those times when my wife and I had the freedom to roam without having our bags checked and without putting our stuff in front of us to prevent get pickpocketed. I need to mention this too, there are lots of pretty ladies there, and super cute babies. My wife knows that, that's undeniable. lol. Lastly, what I like the most in Korea is that you can take a dump almost everywhere, because in every train stations, regardless of its line, you can find a very nice comfort room.
P.S. I admire South Korea’s train systems more than the Singapore’s. It is damn impressive. Their country is fckin awesome, (we have yet to visit other countries like Japan, most probably next year we’ll be in Japan or U.S), SK is too awesome. It makes me wonder where we (Filipinos) went wrong, why we are not as developed as SK. Corruption? Perhaps the fact that most Filipinos are uncompetitive? Or because Marcos and Aquino happened?

I Just Discovered How To See Who Has Unfriended You On Facebook

I'm going to explain the way how to actually check out who has unfriended you on Facebook as quick as possible, because... I'm at work. It's pretty easy and I was a bit skeptical at first since I haven't confirmed it. But today I tried it out on my friend's phone and it worked, so my doubt was cleared a little.

This will not need using a dumb and poorly written website that has so much annoying popups and ads. What you will need is your Facebook App and your Facebook Messenger. :) Ready?

1. Open up your Messenger app.
2. Tap your profile photo located at the top. In Android, location may vary.

3. You'll be redirected to this next screen, like so. Then, tap on My Day.

4. Tap on Everyone.

5. Voila! The people with "X" Mark (iOS) (Check mark in Android) are  EITHER the ones who unfriended you or the people you unfriended. It can also be the ones you hide your day from! As I've said before, I've tested this with my friend, Mark. I used his Facebook account and I unfriend my own. :) See it for yourself.

Try it and let me know your comments below :)

How To Fix Missing Required Module In Your iOS Unit Test Target?

Starting TDD (Test-Driven Development)? Following a tutorial in Unit Testing? Testing your service functions? Whatever your case is, sometimes starting a unit test in Xcode if you have dependencies via Cocoapods.
I’ve started practicing TDD in my personal project some weeks ago and here I find myself doing Unit Testing in another project but I encountered this error:
Missing required module ‘Firebase’
As usual, the first step in figuring out what to do: search on Google. Next step I did was check out my project in which I did my very first TDD. One of the links that can help you before proceeding is this thread on Github.
If none of the solutions you found on Google worked and if you’re using Firebase, then continue reading and follow these steps:
  • Making your test target inherit the search paths of your main target.
Check out my podfile and see that the tests target is under the main target.

  • Add a search path in your Header Search Paths
In your Tests target’s Build Settings, search for Header Search Paths and add these two new search paths:
  1. $(SRCROOT)/Pods (recursive)
  2. ${PODS_ROOT}/Firebase/Core/Sources (non-recursive)
And… that’s it! You should be able to do your unit test. Sample unit test code?

A Thorough Guide In Testing Apps Via TestFlight - For Clients, Bosses, and Testers

TestFlight - Image from Redmond Pie

The current testing process of your iOS apps via TestFlight can be tedious. But I find this easier than the process of Fabric and TestFairy wherein you will need to give the developer your device's UDID. Without further ado, here is the step-by-step guide to test an app via TestFlight - that's right, from registration up to the downloading process.

These steps were done using an iPhone. It is required to do these steps on your iOS Device where you plan to download the app.

Step 1 - Donwload the TestFlight

More details: Easy, right? To add, search for your APP STORE app on your iOS Device, and tap the Search icon at the bottom.

Step 2 - Check your email for itunesconnect invitation sent by your developer and TAP on the "activate your account"

More details: Talk to your developer. The email address that you gave to your developer will be the one you will open up. The email should look like this with the same subject.

Step 3 - Register your new iTunes Connect account.

More details: Fill up the text fields such as your password, of course. Easy again, right?

Step 4 - Check again your email account to verify your newly created iTunes Connect account

More details: you will find the code in your new email sent by Apple. Then switch to your last tab, which is the iTunesConnect - this applies if you are using your device browser for reading emails.

Step 5 - Finally, you will see the terms of conditions for your iTunes Connect account

More details: After reviewing this, leave it as is if you cannot see any button to exit this page.

Step 6 - Go to your device SETTINGS and find iTunes & App Store

More details: You can easily find the iTunes & App Store in your Settings, just scroll down a bit if you're using an iPhone 5/5s :)

Step 7 - Sign In to your iTunes & App Store using your newly created iTunes Connect account

More details: If you have successfully registered your new iTunes Connect, you should be able to sign in. 

Step 8 - Just fill up everything

More Details: Just fill up everything needed, such as your country, address, and etc... No need for credit card. Just select None if you have none.

Step 9 - After filling up the required fields asking for your details, you will see this new agreement to finish up registering your account

More Details: After reviewing, tap on AGREE.

Step 10 - Check your email inbox for the last time, and this is the last email that will be sent by your developer - then tap the button

More Details: You should see now your app on TestFlight app after you get redirected.

Finally - you will be redirected to Testflight - no need to enter Redemm Code - you will see your app to be tested

Do you still have questions? Just let me know!

To Those Who Fear Death

Do you fear death? I do, sometimes, but not really. Regardless of your religion, this is for you.

It's 3:45AM here and I stopped working on my project (this iOS project will be released internationally, so watch for it! *winks*) just  to write this blog post. My last post on this blog was in November 2016. I just feel compelled to write this.

Last night, my fiancée told me that she fears death, she's afraid of dying (I am the fiancé of Diana Rose). I told her please do not. I explained why, though I am dreading when I think of it. I just turned 24 and she's 26 - we're very far from turning old, so why does she need to fear for death? I tried convincing her to feel otherwise by sharing of what I believe and some facts such as it's damn inevitable. Let me share it to you too and explain everything further.

Again, we're in our mid 20s - she's 26. We're young yet! This damn death is inevitable - you can't avoid it, it will come whether you want it or not! And what's more, you wouldn't know when will it happen. So to those who fear death - just don't. Don't stress out your self thinking about it, life is beautiful. Life is greater than death - After freakin' all, we're all merely humans, mortals. But, good news: see John 3:16 ;)

Some of our friends already died. That's fucking life, man! Those dead friends of ours are already in God knows where. You see, we will eventually be dead. It's just that some of our friends went to the afterlife earlier than our time. Think of it, why would you be afraid of something that already happened to the other people? Let me share to you one of my favorite stories of David in Old Testament of the Bible:

23 But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me. - 2 Samuel 12

This verse above was said by David when he was questioned why he stopped fasting and crying so sudden. David is on point, man! You cannot do any damn thing to bring a dead back to life. We will meet our friends and loved ones in the future when they or we die. Every time there's a friend of mine mourning of the death of her relative, I really want to share this message to him/her. 

Lastly, if you're a Christian reading this, you must not fear death more. Man, you have Jesus. He's the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him, so believe Him regardless of what's happening to this world and whatever people tell us. These shouldn't make our faith in Him be shaken.

I further told my fiancée that when we die, we just go to sleep, or have a nice dream - for a very short time, then we will wake up quickly for the Lord's judgement. *Sorry not sorry, Atheists people ;) *

Tell me, do you still fear death now? Good. We shall see each other in the future. And no, I'm not dying yet. The Lord knows His plans for me, He still has plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future.

I Left Objective-C and I’m Staying With Swift

It’s been 5 months since the last time I posted a blog post here. I was so very busy, actually until now I am busy, that there’s no word that can describe how busy I was and I am. Anyway, I am handling multiple projects using Swift. The last time I used objective-c in an iOS project was last April, before I left the deteriorating company (just kidding). So yeah, here I am today, doing my very best to write another blog post about my experience with the awesome Swift. By the way, I will try my best to make some new tutorials, like how to properly integrate PayPal to your iOS project SERVER-LESS!

Swift is just awesome, I began using Swift when I entered to a new company last April (2016) (read: I used to cursed Swift for being weird because of its optionals features, I hated it so much, just like when I hated objective-c when I first used it last September 2015. When I first used objective-c, I told myself that if only objective-c is C#, I would be awesome using it, objective-c for me back then was an alien-dedicated programming language, I mean the syntax is for the alien people. Now, back to the Swift, when I first used it, darn, I was like: “What the heck is this optional thing? Is this necessary?”

I would to share someone’s opinion on Swift (he’s an objective-c user)

I fully understand the man above, I disliked Swift, I used to. Well, not anymore! I’m here to promote Swift. Swift is a young programming language and Apple has been in effort of improving this, from the first version of Swift up to the latest 3.0. Swift is the future! Open source community has been working hard to make the server side frameworks made in Swift to make them stable for production.

How I Did My Wedding Proposal To Her - My Very Experience!

My fiancee.
It's been a week since she said 'YES' to me when I asked her if she will marry me. By the way, this is her fiancé writing a blog post on this blog. I began the plan last September 24, 2013 when I posted a message on her Facebook profile wall, saying that it will not exceed 1000 days from that date, I will propose to her. And guess what? I did my wedding proposal in the 999th day (June 19, 2016) of that cyber-made promise.

My original plan in proposing to her was bringing her, alone, without her and my family, to Eco Park (a huge garden - nature thing place, located at the northern part of Manila, Philippines). And I'll bring her to the top most part of that park and I got one or two photographers hiding somewhere ready to capture the emotions and reactions of my fiancee as I recite my message to her and as I kneel down in front of her, taking out the ring out of my pocket and ask her. That plan never happened, first, she mentioned to me that if ever I have a plan to propose to her, she wants her family to witness my proposal, oh crap! What now!?

The plan above I mentioned was still going on my head, and I've been telling myself and my colleagues that I will stick to that plan, I will just bring my family and her family and pretend that we will have a picnic together, but I just realised, days before the 999th day, that that plan sucks! That plan will never work, I realised that I hate that plan. Roxy, my colleague, a front-end web developer, came to help. Ever since that girl knew that I will be proposing to her, she was there to help me and she's been very excited for me. Anyway, Roxy suggested so much things, information overload lol. I told her that I hate my plan, long story short about Roxy, she suggested one thing. I should bring her and her family, and my family, to a restaurant. What a brilliant idea! Although, to others, it maybe an old fashion way to propose, I still love her idea. I like all of Roxy's suggestions, from the flowers and to whatever.

Roxy's message to me, days before the big day, such a nice friend.

3 days left. I called out to Meril, our boss in the office, to confirm if the price of the chopper for rent he mentioned to me is correct. He gave me the website of the company that offers a chopper ride. I was kinda desperate at that time because I really need to change my plan and time is running out.

QUICK Trivia: Did you know that there is a difference between a term chopper and helicopter? [1]

I was thinking to rent a chopper, thinking that I just need to bring our go-pro se4 and propose to her when we reach the sky. But it's so damn expensive! You can experience a chopper ride for only 5-damn-minutes, just be ready to pay P11,000.00 (approx 250 USD). I mean, I could pay for that but it isn't so practical and besides, I didn't want to jeopardise our lives just for this quick wedding proposal, needless to say, I disposed of this idea.

 2 days left before the 999th day, I 100% dumped my original plan - the Eco Park thing. I told Roxy that I will take her suggestion, a dinner with my family, my fiancee, and my fiancee family. At that time, I didn't have the plan to play a song with a guitar and bring flowers as part of my wedding proposal. I just wanted it to get done, I just wanna get engaged to my fiancee (back then, of course, she was my girlfriend, but let's stick to the term fiancee . During this day, I was still deciding what restaurant should I choose, cause Roxy and Dan (our new colleague) suggested many places, hours passed, I decided to choose the Romulo Cafe in Jupiter, Makati City. I didn't check that place thoroughly though.

After the office hours, Roxy called the restaurant. She reserved seats for me, I think she was very excited than I was at that time. She mentioned as well that there's gonna be a song to be played when I kneel before my fiancee, and that song would be A thousand years - Christina P.  The dinner would be at 7:00 PM, Sunday.

Friday before midnight
When I came home, I was thinking if I should play a song using a guitar, and what song I should sing. I am a terrible singer and have a unpleasant singing voice, believe me. I chatted some of my friends on Facebook and asked them if they have a guitar and if I may borrow it. They all said that they have no guitar even though I was willing to pay for the rental fee. Here comes Bryan Lingat, my former classmate in college, and a very good friend of mine. He was willing to borrow a guitar from someone and give it to me. Alright, so all things were set at that moment. About the flowers though, I was still undecided.

Saturday night: 9:45PM 
 When I mentioned to my family that I will be needing a guitar and that I am renting one via my friend Brian, my cousin named Cazandra overheard it and told me that she got an acoustic guitar and it produces sounds better than my old-shitty sounded Fernando small acoustic guitar. I then sent a message to Bryan immediately to not bother borrowing a guitar from his friend anymore and I was very thankful that he tried to help me. Before the clock reached 10:00 PM at that night, I contacted the Romulo Cafe via phone to double check my reservation, the lady found no reservation under my name and told me that I was calling the Quezon City branch of that restaurant, she then gave me the Makati City branch telephone number. So I called that number and to my surprise, the lady of that branch told me that there's no reservation under my name. I panicked. I told Roxy what happened, and she was ready to contact the restaurant on Sunday morning to double check it.

Sunday morning,
Romulo Cafe opens at 10 AM I think, but I called them a bit earlier than that because I was anxious to know if there's no really a reservation under my damn name. The lady over the phone confirmed my reservation and I told her to make it 14 persons instead of 10, also, I told her that I will propose to my fiancee.

Sunday afternoon 
At this time, I was very nervous, in a few hours, I will meet her and both of our families will meet each other. Damn. I prepared very well, I brought the engagement ring to my bag, brought money as well - Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I decided to buy a bouquet.

I sent a photo of the bouquet I bought, to our Viber group

5:30 PM
 I was running to the flower shop in Cubao, Quezon City, where you can find affordable flowers, and not to mention, fresh and beautiful. I bargained with the flower girl in that place although I was a bit late. Again, the dinner is at 7:00 PM. 5:40 PM, I told Roxy and my other colleagues that I was really scared and I would play a guitar song. I was fckin scared, nervous, anxious, although I was 99.9% sure that my fiancee would say YES. I was feeling all these because I would have to play a song with a guitar in front of many people including our families, and to remind you, I am a very bashful / shy type of a person.

6:30 PM
I arrived in Ayala station / Makati, I was waiting for my Uber. My photographer, named sir Kiko arrived at the venue at exactly 6:00PM, wow! I was still at the train at that time. There are reasons/things happened to me at that moment that could have f*ckd up my wedding proposal.

1. Uber drivers didn't bother to call me to know where the hell I was.
2. I didn't have a load or any way to contact the two or three Uber drivers I tried to have a book with.
3. I mistakenly placed the arrow in Uber inside a builder, that arrow indicated where I was.
4. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, I was already freakin late and this damn Uber banned me from booking for a certain amount of time.
5. I then tried booking using Grab. The driver I tried to book with was far. So I went to a taxi area and damn, it was a wrong taxi area, the taxis in that place are heading to the non-Makati places.
6. I went to the other area where taxis are bound inside the Makati. I was freakin late at that moment! My family, my fiancee  my fiancee family, and my photographer were already there at the venue and here I was at the long line of people waiting for regular taxis. Okay, time came, thank you Lord for giving me a cool taxi driver.

To make the long story a bit shorter, I arrived to the place. Thanks to the driver, he knows the place. When I left the taxi, the receptionist noticed that I got a beautiful bouquet and asked me if I was the man who's going to do a wedding proposal, and I said yes. I then explained to that lady and to their "technician" the plan:

I will go to our table, greet the family members and my fiancee  will excuse myself pretending that I will need to go to the comfort room at the 1st floor, but the truth is, I was going to get the guitar and the bouquet. We had our dinner at the 2nd floor, the nicest part of the restaurant. I brought my cousin, the owner of the guitar at the 1st floor and I took a quick practice of the song. Thanks to the Lord God for not letting my fiancee go down to find me haha! Alright, at this moment, my heart was pounding out of my freakin chest. But I was already there, #YOLO! My cousin was holding the flowers, and I put the guitar's belt on to my shoulder and we went upstairs.

Here myself comes, damn, I talked to my photographer quickly before I entered the dinner place, talked about the plans on how he will take photos of my fiancee  I already discussed to him that I hired him, sir Kiko to just capture the emotions and reactions of my fiancee during the event. My fear wasn't able to hold me back and bam! I walked straight to our table, in front of her, I started strumming the guitar and started singing the song: Grow old with you - Adam Sandler.

Her reactions, her face during my presentation.

During the refrain part of the song, which is the "I'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold, need you, feed you, even let you hold the remote control..." I cried. I couldn't help it but to fckg cried during the performance. Some of the family members nearly cried, or cried too. haha! After singing the song and playing the guitar,  the song A thousand years played and I asked for her hand and walked her into the spacious part of the floor, gave her the bouquet, kneeled before her, brought out the ring, got her other hand, and asked the question: "WILL YOU MARRY ME?".  She then replied: "OO NAMAN (Yes of course)." Bam! Next song: Saving forever for you - a man version from Spotify. Then I kissed her quick, and hugged her really tight while still crying and then I heard the whole crowd clapping their hands. It felt great! Some people after the dinner even congratulated us. Wooo! Thank you mahal. I love you so much!


9th Month As An iOS Developer - My Productivity Is Directly Proportional To Ambient Temperature

It's my 9th month working as an iOS developer, I feel compelled to write this post down since I've been very busy with my work and with my freelance project. This post will be about everything I wanna share, starting from the 2nd week of my work in the office up to today, Sunday - June 5, 2016.

My progress in learning Swift has been good. I become more and more confident in coding using Swift, and as the time goes by, it seems that I inadvertently neglect to remember my good old days with Objective-C. Past is past, it's up to me if I am going to deal with that past again. We all need to move on.

I also notice that the APIs made by one of the bosses in my current company are better than the APIs written by someone in my past company. I believe that the latter is so vulnerable to attacks, since the programmer is not utilising the use of authentications and headers, and other stuff in dealing with API requests. I am learning so many things in my current job, I will never stop learning and sharing, I am happy with what I'm getting from the experiences the company is giving me, thanks be to them and to the Lord.

As much as I want to be productive this afternoon, the blaze of the Sun is eating my perseverance. Two things that hold me back from being productive: the temperature in a location where I am working at, and the table and chair that I am using, never mind that coffee. Today, I'm transferring my self and my things to a new apartment unit near my company, I'm so excited. This post might be pointless to my readers, but it is important for me to put what I feel like to put on this blog. I need to stop writing this now, no, stop, alright I'm closing this post now. I need to hit the gym.

P.S. I already tried what I've been wanting to do: drinking wine while coding. Don't do it. Alcohol will ruin your capability to think, it won't help improve your logic - or is it just me?

Color Pickers Software Are Not Really Accurate

Color picker software was introduced to me by my former CTO in my previous company. They're essential for graphics designers as well as to developers. We used HueGo Lite as our color picker. But recently, I just found out that color pickers are not really accurate. Let me tell you why.

Before I continue, I must say that I have offended some of the contributors of open source community. In my last post, I reluctantly judged a certain open source third party library. I quickly edited my post though the damage has been done, and someone told me that maybe I should start learning about open source community and stop writing - hell no, I won't stop writing, even if my grammar fails, even if my sentences cannot be understood by anyone, even if it takes my time. I don't know man, I just love writing my feelings, tutorials, and stuff on a blog, more specifically - on this blog.

Going on, I remember my former CTO mentioning in his video that he'll tell us (the audience) that he will someday make another tutorial exclusive for his company employees about knowing if a third party library is shit. So yeah, again, I stand corrected, I shouldn't have said what I have posted in my last blog post, but I ain't quitting blogging. :) I am a fan and user of 3rd party libraries and planning to write my own open source libraries in the future - when I become good in writing codes lol. Cheers.

Alright, back to this post. So I downloaded a free software called Color Picker for Mac. I believe I found it on App Store. Then I began picking some common colors from my designer's wireframe for our freelance project. I thought everything was fine. Then he noticed when I run the project in a simulator that the color of a certain control is different from his design, he then gave me the hex code for that control. Check out this experiment that I have done:

I have here a paintbrush for Mac. I have drawn here a rectangle filled with a flat color with a value of 0x83C22E.

Then I tried reading the color using two free softwares.: HueGo Lite and Color Picker.

First candidate: HueGo Lite

Thanks to HueGo Lite for the free software :)

As you can see, the readings of HueGoLite is really different from what it should get. I believe it's possible to fix it, please do so, HueGoLite team!

Next candidate: Color Picker
The readings of Color Picker

Thanks to Color Picker develop/s too! It has ready made codes for developing! Yes!

The Color Picker has some ready codes to copy and paste! Cool! However, the result is different as well. Color Picker got the same value! Woah! Now I don't really know what's the purpose of these color picker softwares.

The Last Hope: Paintbrush

Yey! Way to go, Paintbrush!
Paintbrush got 100% correct result. I am not sure what's going on here. But way to go, really, Paintbrush.


I now I know what software should I use to pick a color correctly. The two softwares mentioned above, the HueGo Lite and Color Picker are cool free software for fast and easy color picking without having a screenshot file. Less hassle, but not so accurate color result.

Paintbrush on the other hand is 100% accurate but you have to have a screenshot result first, a new file which you'll certainly decide to delete it - just a bit of extra pressing of mouse but correct result.