10th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

September 16, 2015 - 10th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience.

Wednesday - Okay, so I just realised today that this kind of title “nth day as an iOS developer with no experience” should not be forever. You see, I already have an experience in iOS, for it is my 10th day today. Perhaps I will continue this count until my 365th day comes.

Anyway, one of the things that I have learned today was about the importance of the story board. I have modified and improved the graphical user interface of my project today. Such as the colours and names of the tabs and its tab controller, the navigation bar, and the navigation status. Their colours and their visibilities, and behaviours. Also, the very thing that ate my time in my work was the cells in my app. 

Cells are like table, a table with 1 column. I am using prototype cells for my gallery view. I can’t figured out or rather I can’t make my cells have spaces after one of them. I have been searching for solutions online. I can’t do subclassing UITableViewCell for now, for I am using, just like what I’ve mentioned before, a storyboard. I’m quite satisfied with my ui for the album/gallery viewer, but I really need to make it better.

Tomorrow I am planning to have an OT, yeah as usual. Just for me to learn more things while working. My OTs are not paid by the way. :) An overtime will only be paid if and only if approved by the bosses. I am quite busy this week and my deadline is near, September 25 is the freakin day, so I’m just gonna cut this post here and continue my work.

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