12th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

September 18, 2015 - 12th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

Friday - Yissss! It’s Friday, Friday, gonna get out this Friday, been looking forward to the weekend, weekend. Haha! Is my lyrics correct? Anyway, Friday is my favourite day, not to mention the weekend cause I get the chance to meet my love, future better-half, I can take some rests, and go to church. I’m here in the office while typing this and while eating my lunch, yes I’m on my lunch break. :)

I remember that I need to tell you guys that I have learned how to use the software cornerstone. I can’t remember though if I already told you this. So anyway, Cornerstone is a software that lets you manage your local repositories as well as your cloud repositories. This versioning tool makes your life easier. You do not have to type your commands in the terminal. I’m loving this Cornerstone, thanks to our kind CTO for teaching me this technology.

Before I forget, I will, from now on, post here every knowledge that I will get every day. Today, I learned and discovered the following.

  • Adding Objects or Data to TableViewCell - Okay, so I decided not to make a tutorial of this yet. Maybe next time. But if anyone of my readers want me to, just contact me.

Again, from now on, I will be making too tutorials for every information and knowledge I get. This will be fun! Subscribe!

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