13th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

September 21, 2015 - 13th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

When I was searching for the open source app named “Aviary”, I stumbled upon this super cool open source iOS app made in Objective-C: CLImageEditor. I so love this. Oh, by the way, Isaw this Aviary from a certain iOS App, the app has implemented this Aviary (“Powered by Aviary).

While writing this post, I’m listening to Urbandub’s Endless, A Silent Whisper. Such cool song, a song about a rebel daughter lol. Anyway, I have been struggling in editing the open source app CLImageEditor, and I just realised that the documentation of the kind sires on Github about their open source projects are merely simple.

Simple enough for a noob like me to understand. How did I know? Of course I tried to read the documentation on how to use the CLImageEditor, here is an excerpt of the documentation:

INSTALLING: The easiest way to use CLImageEditor is to copy all the files in the CLImageEditor group (or directory) into your app. Add the following frameworks to your project (Build Phases > Link Binary With Libraries): Accelerate, CoreGraphics, CoreImage. Super simple, right?

Now I know, I need to try reading the documentation before complaining or before trying to implement and integrate the project to my project. The deadline is getting nearer and our CTO took some of our time, some of my time. He invited some of his team to go to dinner with him. Okay, thank you kind sir! :) He’s really generous.

 I have some backlogs needed to be done this Holiday (Friday - September 25). Some tutorials that will be linked to my September 18 post (12th Day). So I’m leaving now. Thanks for reading!

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