15th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

Some of the features of MWPhotoBrowser project

September 23, 2015 - 15th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience.

Wednesday - I found a new open source project that mimics the Photos app of the iOS. Name is: https://github.com/mwaterfall/MWPhotoBrowser . I’ve been studying the source code and the kind sir CTO even helped me, however I was not able to understand his explanation well. The source code is too complex for me to understand. I had the first paid OT. Hopefully it will be really paid :D As per kind CTO sir, I will be handling 3 projects. What the? Well, I will not be making the 2 projects from the scratch. One of the project is a game. A nice game, in my opinion and will be likely to boom someday.

Here is the description from the GitHub repository of the MWPhotoBrowser project:
MWPhotoBrowser can display one or more images or videos by providing either UIImage objects,PHAsset objects, or URLs to library assets, web images/videos or local files. The photo browser handles the downloading and caching of photos from the web seamlessly. Photos can be zoomed and panned, and optional (customisable) captions can be displayed.
The browser can also be used to allow the user to select one or more photos using either the grid or main image view.

Talking about the MWPhotoBrowser project, it is very nice. Clean design. It has a video player integrated into the gallery viewer. Well in my previous post, I mentioned that I had successfully integrated another gallery view open source project, and it works pretty cool, easy to understand and to integrate to my project. However, that gallery viewer has no video player. I can integrated a video player in there, but this MWPhotoBrowser is just cooler to use, for UI and UX. If UI is user interface, then what is UX? Search for it on google. :) Basically, UX means user experience. I’m cutting my post here for now. Thanks for reading.

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