4th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

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September 8, 2015 - 4th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience 

It was a good morning, as usual. I love coding. I love working, I mean working on the things you really like and love. Thank Jesus for this opportunity, and thanks to my manager and my CEO for accepting me. Anyway, it was a good morning until my manager talked to me and told me to stop doing the first project that I have been working on for the mean time. I’m not really sure if that project is really a ‘project from the client’ or really merely a training for me. Anyway, I’ll just continue my story here (my 4th day). My manager told me that I will be doing another project, this 2nd project has a deadline, to be completed onSeptember 25, its deadline is nearer than the first project. When I saw the workflow of the app, I was like to myself: “whah!”. My manager further explained to me the core features of this app. Basically it is like the instagram. Instagram-ish. But it will not be connected to the cloud or server.  

So, think about this. I am from Windows, I used to code using C#. C# without using MVC nor MVVM. So basically I have been doing C# windows applications using event handlers only. WPF and Windows Application (the basic windows). If you were me, my dear reader, someone who had no experience in doing mobile applications and MVC/MVVM but have an idea of course about the different technologies in Software Engineering/Development world, how would you accomplish this task? You have 3 weeks to make your app fully working and ready to be submitted to Apple for review? Anyway, I’m thinking that it is not really a real project but merely a testing for me. Self-training, wherein you code, you build your app, you ask on Stackoverflow, post your questions on different forums, search on google, and ask help from and shoot queries to your seniors. If my assumption is correct, then it would be freakin’ great for me. No pressure at all, but I will still definitely doing my best for this app. 

Learnings for the 4th day? Nothing much but very necessary. Using PODS! Oh yeah, cocoa pods. At first, I was having a big hard time to run an existing or let’s say open source project with pods dependencies from Github. Thanks to stackoverflow. I just posted a nice question there and then bam! I need to install the pods. Okay, here’s the quick tutorial on how to run projects with pods dependencies: 

First thing first, you open the project folder source, and search for the podfile. Okay? But don’t open that file. Open your terminal (CMD In Windows). Once you’re in the terminal, type: “CD” - without quotes of course, this CD lets us to change directory. CD (with space) and then drag your folder that contains the pod file to that terminal. So basically you are changing the directory of your current terminal or rather changing the target to your project folder that has the pod file. Then type: “pod install”, press return/enter. You’re good to go! Oops! If you will read the message from your terminal, it says there something like this: “From now on, use workspace instead of xcodeproj”. You read it right, use the newly generated workspace file and not the xcodeproj. Then you’re ready to compile/build the app source code and then run it to your simulator or apple gadget.

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