Day 2 As An iOS Developer With No Experience

Day 2 of my new job, if, by the way, you found this article from somewhere around the web and you have no idea what this blog is all about, then I suggest you read my first post, entitled: "Day 1 as an iOS Developer With No Experience"...

Okay, so Day 2. My project manager gave my a task. Make the home screen of a certain project. I can't disclose here the name of that project or mobile (iOS) application. But to give you an idea, it is like a calculators, with number buttons but with delete function. Anyway, back to my first day at the company, my very first task is to make a basic UI in Xcode that has a splash screen and can switch to different screens. Pretty basic huh? But I was actually shocked! Our CTO taught me how these tasks should be done. He told me to make it programatically.

Next paragraph, in iOS, you can choose three techniques in building you mobile application's graphical user interface (GUI).

1. By coding it - programatically.
2. By using NIB or .XIB.
3. and by using storyboards.

These three techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. Search it on google okay? So back at my day 2. September 4, 2015 - Friday. Yes finally Friday! Everything at first seemed fine, designing the ui programatically was doing the job, until I got to deal with the user input. Manipulating string got me pretty baffled. I was stuck in manipulating strings for a couple of hours. There are 2 kinds of strings in objective-c, if I am not mistaken. The NSString and NSImmutableString. Next time, I will explain these things in my tutorial, yep. I am planning to have my very own tutorial here on this blog.

I am loving the job. It's cool, I wonder if this is my training?

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