Day 3 As An iOS Developer With No Experience

Day 3 - Monday, September 7. One of my task is to learn the Assembla versioning tool. Assembla is basically like Github. You can host your project files there, of course - I think, privately. As far as I can remember, Assembla uses the command 'svn', while Github uses the command 'git'.

Before I started working in this new company, I tried studying Github by watching Youtube video tutorials. so I was pretty familiar with the term push, pull, and commit. My project manager taught me how to use Assembla. It's very useful, especially when there are two or more resources making the project at the same time. Assembla is essential as well for backing up your project. You don't have to copy and paste your project folder and renaming it. Haha! Can you relate to me? I used to do this back when I was in college.

For example:
1. Project1_Final (Fix the UI).
2. Project1_Final_August31-2013 (to be published).

You see? There is a word final in every backups but then I still have some tasks to do in the project. Assembla and github will let you do the backing up more professionally. Yey!

Going on, in my Day 3 - I was able to solve my problem last Friday (in my Day 2). The manipulation of strings in my UI, in my very first iOS application. Well technically, my very first iOS application was a basic game. A tapping game, you tap the button of the app and then there will be a timer countdown and score. I learned this from It uses a storyboard. Going on again, the manipulation of strings of the user input in my UI has been hard for me. But I managed to learn it by the way.

I'm going to cut this post for now, and will continue my story in my Day 4 - where everything changed suddenly. From joy to pressure.

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