19th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

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September 30, 2015 - 19th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

WEDNESDAY - PAYDAY! Oh yeah! However, as far as I can remember, the management usually gives the salary of the employees at 5PM. Anyway,I have successfully learned how to use the MWPhotoBrowser, well not 100%. I was just able to browse the local certain album of the iPhone by using that app and removing its original home screen, which is a table view. Next, I will need to learn how to connect the Assets Group to MWPhotoBrowser. I already tried deep searching on Stackoverflow with the tags of ‘MWPhotoBrowser’, found none. I got my salary at 7PM by the way. Sweet, thank you Lord God and thanks to the company. Somehow I still feel that I’m useless in this company, I feel that they’re paying me to study. Is this my training? My manager told me to put my main project on hold for 1 week. Heck, I won’t go easy on my work these remaining days in this week.

Learned Stuffs:

What is protected objects in Objective-C. If you want to make your object to be protected then put it inside the interface. Otherwise, it will be public and will be accessible outside the class.

Learned the difference between push and present view controllers without googling. Well, my kind CTO explained it to me, not thoroughly though. Basically in push view controller, in order for you to remove the current view controller, you will pop it. On the other hand, if you present a view controller, you will need to dismiss it later. I learned how to pass objects between view controllers. Thanks to the technique of kind sir CTO, by using blocks. I’m not so familiar with blocks or completion blocks, but I do have the idea and know how to implement the codes by copying and pasting of course.

I don’t really wanna to go easy yet, because we all know that there are lots of stuffs that I should learn first. I need to practice, practice, and practice. We’re talking about practice! Oh yeah! Let’s make this blog post as short as possible for now. Though I can rest for now, I won’t! :)

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