23rd Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

October 6, 2015 - 23rd Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience.

TUESDAY - Nice day, I had today. Two certain companies called me today. Wow! They're inviting me for an interview. Position? SAP-Ariba Developer (Ariba On Demand) again. Yeah, again. I said no of course. I will never going back to a job that I do not want, even if it pays me a lot. They called me via my mobile no.

I stayed very late in the office, like 11pm or 10pm? And I was the one who locked the office. Our office is in 5th floor and the floor is kinda scary.

My task for this day was to complete the navigation of screens of my 2nd project. Nothing special that I have learned today. So this post might be very nonsense to you. I'm going to cut this here. Please still subscribe though *winks*.

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