24th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

October 7, 2015 - 24th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

WEDNESDAY - The company called me again. So much backlogs. I finished the navigation of screens of the second project. Now I am back to my first complex project. It really intimidates me. Ice Cream in the office. Codesignate contacted me. I sent my resume when I was still hunting jobs to Codesignate way back the month of June. And now they're asking me if I am still interested. Of course, I am. But I can't. My job right now is near to perfect, if only the office is near from my house, I would rate my job as 100% perfect. *smiley*.

Oh, the company that is seeking AOD (Ariba On Demand) resources called me again for schedule of my interview. I told the HR via phone very nicely that I do not want to go back to AOD and I don't like that job. However, I referred to her my 2 former colleagues.

Here's my message to her via LinkedIn:

Hi Ms. Juliet, 

I have received your invitation here on LinkedIn as well as your message. I am a former SAP Ariba Dev (AOD) from CompanyA, and unfortunately no longer interested or was never interested with Ariba. But I would like to refer two of my former colleagues in CompanyA. 

1. He told me that you tried to reach him yesterday but he wasn't able to pick up his phone due to meetings. His name is A, senior software engineering analyst and candidate for Team Lead position. He also told me that he's ready to shift to another company that can match his current salary. Mr. A is a big asset in Ariba-CompanyA, he's so experienced in AOD (downstream and upstream) and AOP (on premise). I however do not have his contact number. 

 2. Mr. J - He is currently seeking opportunities outside CompanyA. I also told him about your invite/message, and he is interested. Here is his contact number/email: __

Best Regards,

Was my answer okay? Well the HR replied:

Well noted D. Thanks for the info. By the way we also have opening for Mobile app developer for Ortigas.

I won't continue to tell you the rest of our conversation. I just told her that I'm not yet ready. I'm helping the company to grow because they accepted me. Thanks to my company *smiles*

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