27th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

October 12, 2015 - 27th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience.

MONDAY - I’m so happy that I learned so many things today, I wanna share those to you. Although I felt that I have wasted so much time, like 5 hours or so, just for aligning the elements or objects in my one view controller.

Things that I’ve learned:
- Logout from Facebook.
- Easy alignment of UI Elements without using constraints or auto layout.
- Dismissal of Keypad.

Now, I will try later to finish these 3 tutorials before leaving the office. It is really hard to maintain a blog you know? Blogging while working full time. It's hard. It's tough to pretend that you are good in English. Just kidding. But seriously though, I'm not good. I will just publish this post for now, and then edit it later for providing the links for these 3 tutorials.

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