29th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

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October 14, 2015 - 29th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

WEDNESDAY - Ah another day as an iOS Developer. A noob iOS Developer who had and has no mentor. I learned yesterday the AFNetworking library. I started working with my colleague, who is our Web Developer/Back End Developer. Basically he is the one who makes APIs for android and iOS apps in our company.

I was happy to learn that in order for your application to connect to the database smoother and faster, you need an API. You connect your app to your API via REST. I was pretty surprise that he doesn't know about REST while he is making a REST. Haha!

Going back to the AFNetworking, I found out that the library (I'm not so sure about this, please correct me by posting your comment below) doesn't accept Error 404. I mean, I really can't remember what was happening in my app when it was receiving an error 404 from the API.

For example, the API throws a reply to my app an error 404 when my app sends to the API a wrong password. That was wrong for me. I told my colleague that he needs to change the error being returned to me, from error 404 to status 200 ok, and just indicate in the data/message that the user inputted a wrong password.

I really enjoy the job!!! Wooo! Except from being pressured all the time, and having no mentor. :(

Lastly, here's the summary of what I have learned for today ( I will try to link here again the tutorials for the following):

Padding of Textfield inputs.
Discovered that 404 status code doesn’t work in AFNetworking.
UILabel Boldify
NSUserDefaults - Remember Me

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