32nd Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

photo from techtic

October 19, 2015 - 32nd Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

Wow, the time flies so fast indeed. It is already my 32nd working day at the company. Learning new things everyday is so freakin fun and excited. Today, I learned the meaning of and term: UX. UX is different from UI. I first heard the term UX from sir JM (yes, his real name haha!) at the office. He was discussing the UI and UX of their project to one of his team mate.

So what is UX? You can clearly see the meaning of ux from the photo above. UX is the user experience and UI, as we all already know - User Interface. The User Interface is I think made by the graphics artists. In my case, our graphics artists design the work flow of the software/app, they will give the whole workflow in image format to the developers, as well as the UI Elements (I'm talking about the icons and photos for the UI). While the UX is being done by the programmers/developers.

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