37th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

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October 24, 2015 — 37th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

SATURDAY - Yep! Saturday! I was required to go to the office today. Rest Day Over Time. I left the office at 7:30PM. I had to travel from the office (south in my country) to north (my house) because it is Saturday. I hate this day!

I hate this day because I was annoyed  by my manager. I don't know, I believe he doesn't know how to handle junior developers. My manager should be a developer too, he's a Q.A, although my kind CTO told me that he used to (my manager) be a developer before. If he really was a dev before, then why can't he help me? Why can't he teach me? He told me at our group chat on Skype (group chat for the project that I hate to do) this:

(note that I don't like to open up my skype application on this laptop just to quote what he said, so it is something like this:)
"DR, it's been a few days since you first handled that project. By now, you are supposed to understand the codes."
I was like, "really". I didn't reply to that message of course. But in the end, I learned many things, and I believe I have done something for the project, I have done even a small progress.

Oh, I added MBProgressHUD 3rd party library to that project. MBProgressHUD is a very nice library for adding animation (loading screen) to your app. You can customise it the way you want. It is really neat and nice and presentable. Check it out on Github.

Also, I learned from my CTO this:

HOW TO CALL A METHOD OF A CLASS FROM ANOTHER CLASS? -- In my case, the app has one main screen. But this screen is composed of 2 different classes: the MAP and the CONFIG classes. I had a problem in changing the views properties of the CONFIG class from the MAP class. If you are having the same problem, click the link above (the one with blue lines :) ).

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