38th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

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October 26, 2015 - 38th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience.

MONDAY - Darn this Monday! I have no codes to show you today. What I just did as far as I can remember today is to change the opacity of the button in my MAP class of the project that I hate :D
I am going to tell you here the experience of my boyfriend in having his first massage ever.

Monday night, I went with my boss (we are men) to drink some wine - a nice wine. That moment, I learned many things. Stuffs about his life, how he started our company, the ups and downs of our company. I told him everything, that I too planned to leave the company because of my manager. I can’t remember now the other stuffs that we talked about. So we left the wine store ( I don’t know the correct term).
We went to the parking lot where he parked his sports car. Then we went home - but I was wrong. We are near my home when he told me that we are going to have our massage session. WTF. I was scared, really. He told me to have my happy ending. Happy ending can mean many things, the massage therapist can offer you to have her to masturbate you, to give you a ‘head’, or to have a sexual intercourse with you. But I said no.
When we got out of his car, I was talking to myself, I was calling the name of Jesus and Holy Spirit to help me with this temptation. What can I do? I couldn’t do anything at that moment. I was too shy to say no to my CTO. So okay, fast forward to my room. The massage therapist ( a lady ) told to undress myself. I replied: “All out?”. She said: “Yes sir”. I realise while typing this that I’m really a very boring story teller. The first part of the session was massaging my back. It was so good! He put her body weight onto my back, ahhh! And then, she put some more lotion to my back, after that, she massage my balls. Haha! It was good, but I really don’t want to cheat on my girlfriend.
Fast forward again, at the front, what I like about the lady is that she didn’t insist to me her extra service, and she didn’t start stroking me. Overall, I was thankful to my boss. Thank God I didn't commit any crime haha! :)
Have you ever had such kind of experience before? Comment here.

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