47th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

November 5, 2015. - 47th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

THURSDAY -  I organised my images and stuffs in Xcode. Did I forget to tell you that I have upgraded my Xcode from 6 to 7.1? I'm much more comfortable in using the 7.1 than the previous version I had. Anyway, I am planning to get my Macbook Pro reformatted next year, January probably. Sometime, my laptop hangs! Ughhh! I can't even build my project. But most of the time, it works just fine. I can even play Dota 2 while multiple instances of Xcode are running haha!

I have nothing to share today, nothing about the stuffs I learned. I just organised my images/assets in Xcode. So I am just going to cut this post for now, but you can expect me to post something with sense next day. Cheers!

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