56th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

Aggreements, Tax, and Banking Information on iTunesConnect are compulsory to be done. 

SATURDAY - While typing this blog entry, out of the blue, I suddenly remembered my time when I was still working at the fortune 100 company. I was renting an apartment back then, and I used to eat at Wendy's and Mcdonalds near my apartment at dawn.

I would like to share my experience today. I realised that it is necessary that you fill up and give attention to your Agreements, Tax, and Banking information on your ItunesConnect in order for your In App Purchase to be tested. Yes! That's correct, you cannot test your In App Purchases even if you have sandbox users ready, Apple needs contracts first before testing. I told my boss about this and it seemed that he only realised it too, I couldn't believe it. So again, if you want your In App Purchase to be tested in your app, then your information should look like my screenshot above.

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