59th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

Hi! I'm back. Today, as the debugging days continue, I learned one big thing. CORE MOTION. This is the alternative to rotation of the device for my camera project. I mean, my main project, just like what I've told you before in my past posts, there is a camera for photo and video capturing. Now, my boss started doing that project I am talking about. He used the device rotation to rotate the Camera Engine he uses. I saw a bug in there.

Once the user locks (which most of the users I believe do) the screen rotation function, then there is no way to rotate the Camera. So what to do now? I researched for a couple of hours to do that, I even ask my boss and my senior, and apparently they do not know the answer. I was surprised, or they were just so lazy to help me at that time. The answer again is to use core motion.

Good news: I've already made a tutorial for the core motion.


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