60th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

November 26, 2015 - Our boss, the CTO of the company has prepared two tutorials. The said tutorials contain the code review of my other project. In those videos, he was discussing what I did wrong, well most of my works require a review from my senior or from my CTO. He said in the video that I'm not ready yet to write a production-level application. That was the fault of my manager hahaha! In the video, my CTO said that it was his fault because he can't find time to teach me. I learned so much stuffs in those video, unfortunately I can't share it on my blog.

Here is the summary of the things I've learned from the videos:

- Lay outing using frame and center properties is not recommended.
- Better to use that cool API than manually lay outing using VFL for Autolayout.
- During my first month in this company (September), I asked G (our senior iOS Dev) how to center a view in a view controller. He taught me the center property. Since then I’ve been using that method. I just recently learned adding constraints using VFL but it requires much more effort. I’ve been wanting to ask your sir CTO about the shortcut keys you’re using in Xcode. I never thought of searching for it before.
- View Hierarchy debugging. UIAlertController use of completion handler.
- Read Apple documentation.
- WWDC videos.

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