63rd Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

November 30, 2015 - 63rd Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience.

In my last post, I have told you about the Favorite or set to favorite method for PHAsset as well as the set to Hidden. I won't be discussing iOS nor objective-c today. But I would like to post here what happened to the steam client of my workmate slash dota mate. With that being said, I won't be tagging this post to iOS tag.

So here's what happened, his dota client in Application folder (Remember we are using MAC) became a weird icon, a plain white icon, therefore he couldn't open it. We found the solution around Google. What he did was copying the whole Application and then rename the copied app. That solved the problem! Voila! End post. :) Sorry if this post is a bit nonsense, I promise I will be making a new tutorial in the future.

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