74th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

December 13, 2015 - 74th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

Ok, this day is in my top 5 list of most annoying day ever in 2015. Here's what happened. We, the employees (developers and graphics artists) are having our daily scrum on Skype. My annoying manager checks our scrum of course everyday. That's his job. So before I wrote my scrum, he sent a message to the group on Skype that my tasks will be checking of the latest progress of a certain project. That certain project is currently under my senior developer (sir P. The part time senior dev). And he also said, the annoying manager, to test it.

Again, he said that my tasks will be checking of the progress of that project and test it.

Hours passed, I tested the project, and checked the latest progress. I DID NOT CODE! Yes I didn't. Given that I am a developer. Hours passed again, I think it was at 4PM, the annoying manager went to me and asked me what's the progress of the project. He asked what I have added to the progress of the project. I told him straight: "None sir". Haha! His face changed. LOL. Was I wrong? I know I am a developer but I did not do even a single line of code. Why? Perhaps I hate the project, I was not the one who started it. I can't understand it fully.

Going on, he asked me to go to his office, and I could sense that he was angry. I was angry too. I was mad at him. Sorry, but I got no respect for him because he's not a developer. Anyway, so after he asked me to go to his office, before I went to him, I said via Skype that I needed 1 minute. Then after 1 min, he replied: 1 min is up! I could really sense his anger.

Long story short, sir P (our senior dev) came to the rescue. He was at the lunch with his girlfriend and with the girlfriend's family, he left for a while to go to the office and talked to the annoying manager. He told the manager that he will be the one who will do the tasks because it is really hard for someone like me to take over the project that I didn't even start. He even gave a timeline to the manager. I could see the manager's face changed. Haha! He became happy. Thank you sir P!

Last, the manager, before I left the office, he assigned to me a task for the weekend, he said that it will be worth it to do it. Ok, I said. It was a simple app that uses Parse for push notification. I need to cut this post here for now. I promise that I will share a tutorial for Parse Push Notification next time. Good Bye, keep reading and following the blog.

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