79th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

December 21, 2015 - 79th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

I will continue here my discussion about Crashlytics. So yesterday I discussed about tit on my 78th Day post. What I do not like in Fabric app is that it is not so user friendly. You'll get dizzy finding your build on that app. I had to google it to memorize the different tabs of Fabric App. *facepalm*.

There was a weird error in Fabric website, about the UDID something, and it requires me to submit or upload the appropriate/missing DYSM. The DYSM can be found, I learned this from my annoying manager who thinks he's so great, just kidding. He's kind but he doesn't really do coding and most of the times he's annoying in giving tasks to me, as I was saying, the DYSM can be found by opening your Archive. I already forgot what to do exactly with that Archive to get the DYSM, if you want to know, you can always contact me and I'll reply immediately.

Back to Fabric App, If the app doesn't pick up your new archive, the way to manually distribute it is a little hidden. On the BETA tab in the app, first click "ACTIVE", then click "ARCHIVES":

So that's it for today, my last post this December 2015. Merry Christmas everyone and advance Happy New Year to all iOS Developers out there!

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