80th Day - The Day I Got My Main Project Into The App Store

January 4, 2015 - 80th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

First of all, I would like to say that I wanna change, I want a change, and I will change. This was a good day, I had a nice time today. It was last night when I realise, when I was with my partner and we were traveling to go my apartment, that I need to change. Given that we just had a new year. I told my partner that I need to remember that God has been so good to me last year. He gave me my dream job and my dream salary - note that I’m not paying for my place, my apartment is free. The company is giving me an experience in Software Development and is, just like what I’ve said, giving me a free and nice place to stay.

After that realisation, I started this day, started fresh. However of course, I was quite anxious. Quite worried because the last day I worked in December, I left 6 or more tickets for my main project. And I’ll tell you what - MY MAIN PROJECT IS NOW ON APP STORE! Hooray for that guys! So here I was, a bit more eager to do some codings, but of course played Dota 2 first after my partner and I ate our breakfast (I always do that) *winks*. There was this bug, a quite major bug but I guessed easy to fix, I’ve been wanting to fix. Like what I’ve said in my last couple of posts, I am now confident in handling iOS codes. Guess what? I fixed it easily, but that’s no brainer I think. Then I fixed several tickets more, until my manager came to the office with a bad aura, yes LOL. But before I continue, let me praise Jesus again for giving me this opportunity and thank God for giving us another year ahead. Manager called me to come to his office, an office 3 steps away from the employees' open station. We had a meeting with G - the client that has been outsourcing our company, which has a client too. What added to the reason why my day was great was when my manager sent a message to the Scrum Group on Skype something like this: ‘Please congratulate DR, her first app is now on App Store, she’s now an iOS Developer’… What a nice message. Then my colleagues of course sent their congratulations to me.

About the meeting, there were few more additional requirements, easy requirements to my tasks, the client of our client demanded. I was happy, more opportunity to learn. The office was full of good vibes, thank you Lord. I learned so many things, in iOS and in life. I learned that I don’t have to be an asshole all the time. I want to be good in the eyes of my colleagues and of my friends. If I treat them bad, they’ll treat me the same way, and so at the end of the day, the good vibes was still there. I have finished many tasks, successfully submitted another build on test flight (iTunes Connect), left the office at 8:00PM and have watched movies in my apartment.


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