82nd Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

January 6, 2015 - 82nd Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

WEDNESDAY - I do not know if I already mentioned in my last two posts (for Monday and Tuesday) that there will be an Android version of my project. The manager here assigned the project to our intern alone. It's kinda funny because interns in the company are not required to have OTs. I'm afraid that I the intern will not be able to finish a 'production-level' project given a short time. I mean, even if he has 1 full month for development, he will not be able to do it. Sorry. But let's see in the future. I'll let you know what will happen next.

Anyway, I was able to fix some quite major bugs yesterday for my project. Meaning there is one bug left. One more ticket and then the version 1.1 of the main project is good to go to the App Store. I hope by the way that I will have time to make a new tutorial this coming weekend. I got lots of plans this Friday and Saturday. I'm excited also to make a new project. I'll just cut the post here for now. Thanks for reading!

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