90th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

January 18, 2015 - 90th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience MONDAY - hooray! Another week! I've got many things to tell you that happened today. First, about the annoying... oops, about my NON-TECHNICAL manager, he wanted me to go to our senior iOS Developers (that are not technically part of our company - they belong to the sister company of our company.) and told me to ask help from them in layouting the already-made app (that is on App Store already). Like what I've told you last week, the app that I am talking about here is already on App Store and just needs to be modified for iPhone6 and iPhone 6+ screens. The codes in that app, by the way the app has 3 versions on App Store, 3 different apps, going on, the codes are unbelievable. In layouting, the programmer didn't even use constraints. He used magical numbers. He used frames and put conditional statements that if it is an iPhone then put this view with this certain frame, else iPad, put this kind of frame size. Unbelievable! So going on again, I didn't go to our seniors, they're quite unapproachable. I mean, yes I used to ask help from them, but I feel like they're too freakin' busy to ask help from. There is one senior dev there that I used to ask then, his name is sir G, he's nice, but I don't send him questions now. I didn't go to their office because why the heck should I? I don't need help, it's only about trial and error, modifying the values and adding more if-else conditions for iPhone6/6s and iPhone6+/6s plus. It's easy. So I was able to finish the app that has support for the new iPhones from 10AM to 6PM, and submitted a build on TestFlight. One more thing, I believe our CEO here got annoyed. *laughs*. Just because I changed my name on Skype twice. She told me, she sent a message on our Scrum group that she gets confused when I send a message there. I was like: 'what the heck?'. I'm the only person in this room that has a name that starts with 'D' and with a very unique photo on Skype. Anyway, what's done is done. Oh! I almost forgot, I was planning to resign. Out of the blue, suddenly, a recruiter from PointWest company via LinkedIn, sent me a message. So I sent her my most updated resume and then she interviewed me via phone. I hope I'll get accepted. I'm looking forward to that opportunity. Thank you Lord. That's all folks!

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