94th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

January 26, 2016 - 94th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

FRIDAY - Happy lazy Friday everyone! I’d like to share something real quick. This is about the command for Xcode I learned today. I accidentally collapsed all of the codes inside my all methods in a view controller. I did not click each method one by one to re-show the codes, that would take so much time. So here is the helpful command I learned:


Later tonight, I will be going to my partner's office to wait for a few hours and then we'll travel all the way to Pangasinan. Pangasinan is a province here in the Philippines located at North West. It is where the famous Hundred Island is located. You can see the West Philippine Sea in Pangasinan and visit random beautiful tourists spots. What I noticed that this province is not more famous than the other places in the country, such as Boracay or Palawan.

Anyway, back to iOS, my manager wants to change the star rating function in the project that I am currently handling. He wants to make the rating a whole number, meaning when you click on a Star for rating, the star should be filled.  I'll cut it here for now. I will play Dota2 while waiting for the traffic jam in my place to go away. lol.


Correction: the command is: COMMAND KEY + ALT(option) + SHIT + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEY


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