97th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

January 27, 2016 - 97th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

WEDNESDAY - Oops! I got my date on my last post wrong. I entered January 27 and it should be January 26. Anyway, Chateau Thomas-Laurent. Bordeaux. That’s the name of the wine, the last wine I had. I believe I have blogged the day that my CTO brought me to a store of wine. I will never forget that day, I tasted the best wine I ever had YET. But I hated the cheese, of course I am willing to do that again, to taste that wine again and to eat that cheese again. I told my partner that as soon as we get our home (this coming July we can already move to that house that we’ve been paying for), I should buy some wines for our house.

What happened today, about my iOS daily life, was annoying. I mean, something annoying happened. The 'annoying' manager, oops sorry, transferred the intern that I have been teaching and supervising (a bit) together with me, to the other office - the office of the sister company of our company, where the CTO is working. I will never forget this day. Manager asked me this: (I'll quote)

Why are you not asking questions to J anymore (our CTO)? Are you just being shy?
He asked me that because I used to ask lots of questions to our senior devs in our sister company as well as to our CTO. Do you know what I replied to that question?

It's because I can understand most of the codes in iOS. I KNOW LOTS OF THINGS NOW.

And do you know what happened next? He laughed. Yeah, he did. The intern did too. Damn. I don't know if that annoying manager is making fun of me or what. But one thing is for sure, I'm better than him in programming.

Next, he asked me about the new intern in our sister company (intern of our CTO).

That intern, the one in the our sister company, is she an iOS or Android developer?

I answered him:

she is JUST a QA (quality assurance, tester)

His reaction was priceless. I answered like that because he used to be a QA. Anyway, I'll just cut this post here. I never hold any grudges to my heart ever, I'll just never forget this day.

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