98th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

January 28, 2016 - 98th Day As An iOS Developer With No Experience

THURSDAY - Hola! 2 days left before my 100th working day! Today, I accomplished so much things in my project - the one with connection to Parse. The one that is like UBER and GrabTaxi. Anyway, so yeah, I did many things and I'm proud of it. We (together with my part time senior iOS developer, sir P) were able to submit builds on App Store.

Few more tickets left before the beta release of the App. The project consists of two apps. One for user and one for the operators. I'll discuss the project when it is already released. You know what? I have a great vision for this project. One day, our client (the one that started this app, the one who founded the idea behind this project) will absorb me and my friend - co worker who's been working at the backend of the project. The client is based in U.S. If his company / project earns and begins to be famous, then I'll get the chance to go to contact him and absorb me or/and my friend.

This post, this very post will be the reminder for the future that I have been working on this project and I have a vision for the company of our client.

PS. I'm thinking to start a new tutorial next week.

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