101st Day As An iOS Developer

February 2, 2016 - 101st Day As An iOS Developer

I hope you already noticed that I did not include the phrase 'with not experience' in my blog post's title. I will no longer include it, as I promised many days ago. I feel good today. I have no heavy task (I feel so) because I think I just need to focus in updating the screenshots of the tutorial of my main project. You know what? I wonder how much this company earns from such tasks from the client. Hmmm. I bet it is quite expensive, expensive enough to give me my half of a month salary.

Anyway, I would like to commend the author of the open source awesome library for iOS called: EAIntroView. I used such library in my main project's tutorial. Basically, this tutorial function that I've been talking about is merely a walkthrough of how a user should use the app. How to use this and that, and etc... And more importantly to show the user the premium features of the app. That's all guys!

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