103rd Day As An iOS Developer

February 4, 2016 - 103rd Day As An iOS Developer

THURSDAY - One more day before my favourite day! First thing first, my update on what happened to me last night. You know, about the wrong email. This morning, I sent a reply to my CEO, via Skype in our project group.
Ms. W (our iOS Intern) told me about this last night. Sorry Ms. C (ceo). I’m sure the one I accidentally sent to them was the leafblast operator build with a short description. They will not be able to run it and I used my personal email: myname@mydomain.com. Neither 1st_name_of_our_company nor current_name_of_our_company was mentioned in such email.
So yeah, the CEO didn't reply and didn't talk to me about it, neither my manager lol. As if nothing happened.

What did I learn for today in iOS? Well, I managed to update and improve somehow the project that I'm handling currently. It's the Uber/GrabTaxi-like app. It doesn't not use socket, and it freakinly relies on Push Notifications, it has maps and the Operator and Client tracks each other. It uses Parse, sadly, as we all know, Parse is closing next year, so this is will be added to our problems. Going on, about tracking the two kinds of users, I mean, when they're tracking each other, they're both updating their respective current and new locations to the database (which is the Parse). So both the apps are sending queries to the server every N-seconds.

Tomorrow, I will make a tutorial. A simple tutorial about what I've learned in fixing Cornerstone/SVN in Mac. Thank you for reading!

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