104th Day As An iOS Developer

February 5, 2016 - 104th Day As An iOS Developer

FRIDAY - Awesome today I had. I had a free dinner with some of my colleagues and with our CEO. During working hours, I noticed that I was on fire. On fire in coding, in developing and improving the project that I am handling. So yeah, I was really working hard and I thought that I need to finish off my tickets and so I sent an OT-request via email to my manager and to my CEO, I was asking for 3 hours paid OT. The CEO approved 2 hours only and she said in the email that it is up to my freakin manager for the remaining hours, I think she meant that the manager should be the last to decide. So the manager rejected my OT. I didn't work of course, it was his decision to reject my OT request, why would I work if he didn't want me to stay? I still did stay in the office, only to play DOTA2 though. My momentum was gone. My fire was gone.

Before we played Dota2, we've been to a free dinner. The burger was so good, the CEO paid our bill in full. Thank you ms. CEO.

Talking about work stuff, I always tell you this: I have a vision for the project that I am handling. Someday it will boom! The app, it will be known all over the world. I just need not to give up and make the development faster. I did pretty good, and quite lots of progress in the project for today.

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