107th Day As An iOS Developer

February 9, 2016 - 107th Day As An iOS Developer

WEDNESDAY - 2nd working day of the week! I did not do much work for today, you know why? Because our kind CTO handled some of my tickets, which I find quite hard for my part to do. Anyway, I learned something so important today. Guess what?

a. Core Data
b. How to make frameworks
c. SQLite for iOS
d. Unity for iOS

- The answer is CORE DATA. Alright, let me guess, this thing is about the data built in the iOS Device. Such as Assets (photos, videos, etc...). Learning this core data is so much essential, at least for me. I'm very thankful to know this. My next target to learn is the things given in my choices above. How to make frameworks, sqlite, and unity. - Oh, I almost forgot, SpriteKit.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 28: I just recently learned that really I am so dumb. Sorry for the confusion to those who have read this post already! CORE DATA is alternative to SQLite, basically a database.

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