108th Day As An iOS Developer

Febraury 11, 2016 - 108th Day As An iOS Developer

THURSDAY - Today is the birthday of our CEO. Preparing for the birthdays of the two bosses here in the office has been a tradition in this company. One of the surprises is of course giving a gift to the CEO. The organisers in the office passed a portrait of our CEO to us and we wrote our personal messages in that picture. (Wait, as I was typing the first paragraph of this post, I saw my manager standing behind me, not so far from my laptop. I really just hope he didn't notice what I was typing. I'll be damn if he did so).

Anyway, here's my message to my boss:
Happy Birthday, Ms. T.! Enjoy your day. Thank you for everything, I'll be forever grateful that you hired me in this company. Best wishes to you and to this company.
Happy Birthday agian, boss.

Okay, let's go now to iOS Stuff. I realised, for the second time, that when you are generating or requesting an icon/image from ionicons or from Core Data, take the best resolution and size. For example, you will need a very small icon size that will be placed somewhere in your app, say 50x50 for iPhones and 100x100 if your app is running in iPads, then generate and request for a 150x150 - in that way, your icon will not be blurry.

One of my favourite fixes I've done for this week is fixing the bug in my intagram-like project. The bug was described like this: "Timer is still running even when you stopped the video." - Guess what's the quick fix here? I just checked out the native camera app in iOS and then I learned that they're implementing a delay before a user can stop the recorder. This simply means that you can't just spam the record and stop buttons at the same time. So what I did was, I implemented a timer (approximately 2 seconds) before a user can stop the recording of video. Easy fix!

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