105th Day As An iOS Developer

February 6, 2016 - 105th Day As An iOS Developer

SATURDAY - Don't be surprised that I'm posting a new entry today, Saturday. Well, I was from the office and worked for a whole day, because I will not be working on my coming birthday (Tuesday, February 23).

Anyways, we worked so hard today, actually we've been busting our asses for this project - the project that is UBER/Grab Taxi-like. Two facts which make me feel sad about this project. First, it relies on Push Notifications from Parse, second is that this app uses Parse for its database. I can see the future of this app. It's nearly done.

Alright, about some iOS stuff: I learned today a simple yet important thing. How to use the NSTimer. It's cool, I mean, it has lots of uses. You can use it for countdown, delay, timer, etc... We've done lots for fixes for today, and we left the office at 8PM, pretty late. Forgive me if this post seems to be a non sense for you. I'll just cut it here, please do still subscribe to my posts. Thank you.

EDIT/UPDATE: I mistakenly named the url of this post to 10th-Day-As-iOS-Developer, which was supposed to be 105th. I can make a new post and have its correct url but it will take a bit of effort, and I wanna go home. :)

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