113rd Day As An iOS Developer

February 15, 2016 - 113rd Day As An iOS Developer

MONDAY - A fresh day for this fresh new week. Last Friday, I had the worst day in this 2016 yet. I was given a performance review, my big guess was because of my activity on Facebook. I shared like 10 to 20 posts during work hours. My mistake was not hiding my posts from the manager and from our CTO.

The manager told me that my code quality is poor. And I was like: "huh?". I mean, should he be surprised that my code is poor since they didn't provide any training from the start.  I started laughing (inside my head) during the discussion (1 on 1, and then eventually the CTO joined, so awkward. I have my utmost respect to my CTO, and I was thinking that my image is completely destroyed).

Manager asked me during the conversation on Skype what should or must they do, what do they need to do to help me to improve my code quality. He sent me then a follow-up question: "Training?". He was asking me if I need a training, and I was like: "Sersiously?". Seriously though, I needed a training long time ago, and I can still remember that he told me during the job interview that there will be a training for me, but nothing happened, no training at all. Anyway, so I told him I need a CODE REVIEW. But then again, he only does Quality Assurance of the App, he does not do coding. As far as I know though, he is a graduate of I.T. The reason I am blogging of what happened to me last Friday is because first, I am really upset and annoyed. Second, to remember this event in the future. Funny, right?

Enough of this talk, I will still be forever grateful to that manager and to my CEO for hiring me and thus giving me experience in iOS App Development. So, THANK YOU!

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