114th Day As An iOS Developer

February 16, 2016 - 114th Day As An iOS Developer

TUESDAY - Our month-sary, if there's such thing as 'anniversary', here in my country we have 'monthsary'. Funny or cool? Anyway, my partner and I didn't celebrate our 'monthsary' thing, because today is her day off and I have my Saturdays and Sundays as my day off.

I have a nice thing to share to you today, not about coding, but a pretty-absurd technique I found out, rather learned from a certain forum online. This is how you should upload your build on TestFlight/App Store/iTunes Connect, if either your internet is freakin slow or if your upload progress is stuck in 'Verifying stuff...'.

During the 'Verifying stuff...' using your Application Loader, go to your Xcode, open up your Organizer, and upload your Archive to App Store using that. Then you'll see that your Application Loader will proceed to the next step, apparently the bug is caused by Java Problems.

If this post, you find it interesting, then share it! :) Thank you so much for reading my today's post.

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