117th Day As An iOS Developer

February 19, 2016 - 117th Day As An iOS Developer

FRIDAY - Another weekend coming up! What happened on this date (again, I'm typing this post as a backlog), actually has already been written, I mistakenly wrote the nonsense performance review that the management gave me on this date to the 110th day instead. If you're interested to read what I am talking about, please click the link below.


So anyway, the manager told me that I will be seating next to him for the next 30-days (yeah, as if I can learn new something about iOS from him). I wanted a code review so bad, I wanted a senior or team lead so bad. For me, if you wanna be a leader someday, you must be a follower first. But how the heck can I be a follower if there is no team lead in my team? I mean, I'm the only iOS Developer in the office. But thank again to my CTO and to sir P for being there. I've been learning a lot from them.


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