118th Day As An iOS Developer

February 22, 2016 - 118th Day As An iOS Developer

MONDAY - First day of 30 days under performance review of the management. Nothing much happened, I sit beside my annoying, oops, manager. Something significant happened today though in the office. Trish's macbook went crazy, it doesn't open up. The management couldn't do anything so they sent the laptop to a certain store.

----- TODO for myself: Buy a domain when 150th Day comes -----

Anyway, I think this week, I will start a new project, it's all about a passport app. Something like that. A passbook or whatever, which has a 1 week timeline. Of course I won't be able to do that without the help of a senior developer. But let's just see in the future, let's see if I will be able to finish it.

One last thing, I contacted the recruiter of PointWest today, A.K.A Ms. Dada. I asked her if they're still hiring iOS developers, and fortunately she replied: "Yes, D. Why? Are you ready to explore now or do you have referrals?". I told her that I am ready and tomorrow I am free (February 23). Then I sent her another follow up email indicating that I am also free this coming Friday. :)


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