Quick Tutorial: How To Fix Cornerstone Crash In Mac

Hello there, welcome to my quick tutorial on how to fix your Cornerstone application crash in your Mac. I was having a hard time to run the Cornerstone last day. It was pretty frustrating because I tried many times deleting and re-installing the Cornerstone in my Macbook pro. It keeps on crashing and windows keeps popping up and saying some errors and I needed to keep on clicking the IGNORE button.

Apparently, the quick fix was in database stuffs. Follow these simple steps to fix the crash:

1. You need to QUIT the Cornerstone app. Right click on your Cornerstone in your Dock then Force Quit or QUIT.

2. Open Finder and GO TO FOLDER. Find your Finder, usually this is placed in your Dock, right click the Finder and click GO TO FOLDER.

3. Type and Enter this and click GO: 
~/Library/Application Support/Cornerstone/Registration Databases

4. Delete or Move to Trash the Working Copies.db

5. Restart the Cornerstone.

If in case the steps above didn't work for you, just repeat the steps 1, 2, and 3 and then Delete the Repositories.db.

Both ways may need you to re-add the working copies. Remember that your projects are not deleted, they are just deleted as reference in Cornerstone, just re-add them.

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