119th Day As An iOS Developer - BEST DAY EVER

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February 24, 2016 - 119th Day As An iOS Developer

WEDNESDAY - One thing I wanna share: February 24 is the best thing happened to my -Insert Company Name- Career ever!

Today we had the -INSERT COMPANY NAME- ANNIVERSARY PARTY!. I'm pretty sure we all had fun at the party. Everyone was singing at the moment, others are waiting for their turn to hold on to the microphone and sing their respective songs when suddenly the kind CTO interrupted everyone, he wanted to describe each one of us in the room. So he started telling his stories, the story of the company, and stories of his senior developers. The bottomline of his story about the company and about his success is: he was able or rather successfully made the $4000.00 cash (approx. PHP 200,000.00) to generate almost $231,000.00 (approx. PHP11,000,000.00).

Here is his message to all of us on Skype, before the party.

It was started by French entrepreneur Nick H. and myself in 2010, but the french man left the company in May 2011 leaving me with a team of 5 people (4 programmers, 1 designer) and $4000 cash in the bank as debt to him, which is a little less than PHP200,000.
I took complete control of our operations in May 2011, and paid him back the $4000 in October the same year.
I think in 2014, -Insert first company name- generated about 11M pesos in revenue (not including -my 2nd company-, its sister company) - or around $231,000. To put that into another perspective, it’s like I bought a second-hand 10-year old VIOS and turned it into a Ferrari 3 years later.
Of course I had the help of great managers, engineers and designers - you guys. But even the greatest auto engineers and designers in the world would find it a challenge to turn a 10-year old VIOS into a Ferrari in 3 years - it’s probably impossible. So be proud of your heritage - you are part of one of the most successful tech startups in Philippine history.

As I was saying, he was telling stories of everyone, then he described each and everyone of us. But before I continue, by the way, I quite didn't appreciate (haha, I'm a bastard) what the CEO said to me, I mean her message at the party describing me, she told me that I am a hardworking and I usually stay late at the office... Back to my CTO's message, it was his time to describe myself. I tell you what, I was freakin shocked. I don't know where the heck did he get those words for me, I mean, there's no particular reason why I should be characterized as what he said.

Only one to three phrases I can remember from all those things he said to me. It is natural and definitely normal for a person like me to remember all the compliments from a boss whom I've been looking up to.

'When she came to the company, she had no experience nor any ideas to start. She can do all things that someone who had no experience and no knowledge can't. I don't know why she can do that. Hey D, how do you that? How can you do stuff that only experienced people can do?'

Thank you sir! I really don't have any idea where did you get those words for me. If my boss is genuine to his words and his words ain't sarcastic, then I have one guess why he came up to those compliments. There was one time where I almost (like 80%) completed the main project of mine while handling two more projects (total of 3). I think knowing the VFL in iOS contributed too.


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