120th Day As An iOS Developer

February 25, 2016 - 120th Day As An iOS Developer

THURSDAY - First of all, I hope my manager won't be at the office tomorrow, just kidding. My senior (the part-time) and I realised that we can accomplish more tasks if the manager is not here. Anyway, let me just share you what I learned today: FACEBOOK ANALYTICS. It's easy, I'll make a tutorial next time about this. It's very useful, so I comment Facebook for providing this function along with their Facebook SDK for iOS. Thank you Facebook!

Also, I would like to share to you my thought for the day:

The non-technicality of the people, I mean, the client leads to their own expenses. I just realised that today. I saw the website my officemates have been working on for the client. It’s quite simple. I guess the advantage of making this company as the maker of their website is the SEO. That’s my best bet.


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