121st Day As An iOS Developer - Modafinil Moments

photo from humanislife
February 26, 2016 - 121st Day As An iOS Developer - Modafinil Moments

FRIDAY - Sir J gave me a drug, I mean a med. A med which makes you more active and will not let your body nor your brain feel tired. He reckons that this med is for the programmers, this med is apparently the drug from the film ‘Limitless’.

I believe, lots of research need to be done before we use this kind of smart drug, but it is legal already though in U.S, according to Wikipedia. Well, what happened that night - when I took the modafinil, I was in full alert, but sadly, I just wasted it. I just played Dota2 instead of coding. Let me clear that, the new project was not yet given to me at that day.

I should never forget, by the way, that I should edit a certain post on this blog about the Core Data. I mistakenly described the Core Data as the built-in data of the iOS Device, which is wrong and which should be represented as an alternative to SQLite.

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