122nd Day As An iOS Developer - Another Big Project

March 2, 2016 - 122nd Day As An iOS Developer

WEDNESDAY - I haven't mentioned here that I just had my technical interview (for Software Engineer II - iOS developer position) at PointWest Philippines. It is an I.T company located in UP Technohub Quezon City. So this blog post will be all about my new project and my experience from such technical interview.

Let's talk about my big new project in my company. So the client is the giant network company, and the app is all about party app - just like the 'Partyphile'. Today, March 2, I started the project, all programmatically. The design is so cool, it is so cool that you can stare at the screen of the app and fall in love with its design. I am using my CTO's framework for autolayout, otherwise known as constraints, again, programmatically. Right now, I'm really enjoying building this app without using storyboard nor xib. Well, honestly, I might use a nib or xib in the future, especially in table view for custom cells.

I am certain that I will be so proud of this project when it is done. It's a big portfolio for me since the client is a giant company here in the country. I started coding as clean as possible, I even made button factory and textfield factory for the sake of cleanliness. I organised all the files of the project and avoiding unnecessary comments as much as possible. The base codes, some of it, I mean, the service handlers for the API integration were made by my senior developer. The whole app's UI is responsive since it supports autolayout, I just love coding the app. The deadline is in March 7 - which of course I am sure that I will not make it without any help from any seniors.

Oh, by the way, about the technical interview experience at PointWest, CLICK HERE to read it, I just decided to separate the post.


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