123rd Day As An iOS Developer

March 3, 2016 - 123rd Day As An iOS Developer

THURSDAY - I learned many freakin' things today and yesterday in my iOS life. Cause you know, my new big project started yesterday, why big? The client is a giant network company. The app is quite easy to make if you inspect the UI, but connecting to the API in a right way is quite complex to me. One of the nicest thing I've done so far to the project that I am talking here was the UI. The UI was designed by my officemate, and it was so pretty.

There's this custom UITextField in the app. So what I did to that was I requested the image (the whitish tranparent background of the textfields) from the graphics artist who designed the wireframe of the app. And then with the power of autolayout - constraints, I programmatically added the UITextFields above those UIImageviews. It took me time though, like 2 to 3 hours.

Next important thing I did to this project was maintaining the codes clean. Oh, I forgot to mentioned that my senior (part time) developer introduced to me a cool 3rd party iOS library for buttons, called: BFPaperButton. I still made a button factory class for buttons though. So yeah, I commend the developer of that BFPaperButton.

Another next thing I learned, it is not nice to layout your buttons manually, even though you're using constraints, to your Navigation Bar. I mean, if you want to put Bar Buttons, assign them as NavigationItems, and not manually laying out them to the Bar.

There are lots, I mean, way too many new things I learned in developing this app, but I'm afraid I got no time to share those to you for now. I'm so busy finishing this app.


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