127th Day As An iOS Developer

March 9, 2016 - 127th Day As An iOS Developer

WEDNESDAY - Stressful day, another, I had. Did you just understand what I said? If you’re reading this and have been reading my blog posts and you realised that I have a terrible grammar, please forgive me and just correct me. So what happened today was not that Important. At the start of my working day, I noticed that my annoying - oops - manager was kinda upset. I don’t know his problems, well, aside from having not enough sleep everyday, why he looks so stressed. Honestly, he always looks stressed. I can’t helped but mentioned him in my posts once or twice or thrice every week. He’s a boss in the company, so why can’t I? I mean, how can I avoid posting about him when he annoys me, oops again!

Time passed. And then the time came when I had to ask my CEO what’s her decision about a certain issue in my main project. The CEO then told me to ask the manager, and she went to the manager and ask about that question. The manager quite changed his mood, and went back to talking state - he didn’t talk a lot before I talked to him. So yeah, I just needed to talk to him to change his mood towards me. I just hate the fact that my boss is not a programmer. I’ve been longing for a senior or lead developer or a boss that is like my CTO - a very good developer whom I can make my inspiration and get a challenge from.


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