128th Day As An iOS Developer

March 10, 2016 - 128th Day As An iOS Developer

THURSDAY - Ah! Another day, another working day without my manager in the office. Just like what I’ve said before in my previous posts, I am more productive if he’s not in the office. I won’t call him annoying manager anymore, I would like to pay him a bit more respect, though he doesn’t do programming.

Ok, moving on… There's a so important thing that I’ve learned today and I wanna share that to you this week. It’s about putting your custom Annotation into MKMapView along with your own annotation data. I learned that in a hard way, no one taught me that and it took me a couple of hours before I successfully put my custom annotation into may map view - programmatically.

I will be making two tutorials this week, but these tutorials will be un the same topic - adding custom annotations to your MKMapView. The first one will be the basic - Adding MKMapView programmatically. The next tutorial will be adding Custom annotation with data to your MKMapView - it’s up to you if you will use the programmatically added map that is in the first tutorial or use storyboard or Nib/Xib instead.

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