129th Day As An iOS Developer

March 11, 2016 - 129th Day As An iOS Developer

FRIDAY - yes! Friday! Best day of the week. There are important things happened to me this day. First, I feel like I’ve mastered using the UITableView. Well, not perfectly, but I’m pretty much sure that I learned many things today - adding lots of data in TableView, adding headers, Section, custom cells, and many more. It was also my first time to use UISegmentedControl today. It was cool. Basically Segmented Controls are like buttons aligned to each other in one row, basically a radio button in iOS and MAC.

Everyday to me is a challenge. Every new day God is giving me, I feel more and more excited to the things I will learn in the future. I just love my job, I love the people around me - but sometimes not - I’m a bipolar, forgive me for that. I really like my job - I once told my boss (read my post about Wine Session with my CTO) that the job that I have today is a dream job for me. I do coding as my work and at the same time I earn. I earn while having fun - though inevitable, having stress is. Woah! Look at my sentence right there!
So yeah, the people in our sister company (including the super boss - the kind CTO) invited me to drink some beer and vodka and eat delicious German foods at the same time. Venue? At the German bar somewhere in the southern Mega Manila. I had fun, we all had fun. I overheard some information from the conversation between our CTO and his super senior iOS Developer. Sorry about that, using the word super. I heard that the CTO is proposing an app (project) that costs $25, 000.00. Oh my. Watta-huge amount of money they were talking about! The CTO can finish that app he was talking about within 1 or 2 weeks max and then he will earn that amount in an instant. Amazing!

After the party, I mean, the drinking session, we went back to the office, although it was already 11pm past, I still did some codings and then played Dota 2.


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