130th Day As An iOS Developer

March 14, 2016 - 130th Day As An iOS Developer

MONDAY - Ah! Monday! I don't think that I have mentioned already last week that I just fell in love with the XIBs. It happened when I first made a custom cell for my UITableViewController last week for my new project. Laying out your views is pretty easy, I mean, so much easier than doing it programmatically - whether you use constraints or not or you use constraints with the help of a framework.

Another thing happened today, my manager implemented a new (ughh) protocol in the office. We will use a google form to post our daily scrums. Here in our company, the scrums are personally made. Made by the developers and not from a technical manager, well, my manager is not a technical - I mean, he does not do programming. Going on, the google form has a question: "Do you have a roadblock?" -- It's kinda funny for me, you know. There should be no roadblocks if there are seniors who supervises us junior developers. Forgive me if you're reading this and thinking that I have too many reasons, this is my blog, you know.

So yeah, I was targeting to start implementing QR Code Scanner functionalities into the new project that I have been doing but I failed. I realised I should've started the whole project using storyboard and not programmatically! Lesson learned.

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