133rd Day As An iOS Developer - When Does Present View Controller Become Better Than Push?

March 17, 2016 - 133rd Day As An iOS Developer

THURSDAY - Nothing can make a developer happier in his/her everyday work than accomplishing tickets. -- I hope my phrase makes sense to you. Ah! The feeling of moving a ticker from DOING to Done/For Testing.

I learned a not-so-new thing today. When building an app, and there is a Log Out feature, be sure to erase everything you need to erase, such as an access token, and then PRESENT the root or your home view controller or login view controller. Yep, you read it right, PRESENT. That's better than using Push View Controller when logging out. Trust me. It looks better, and I learned that from my part time senior developer. Also, when presenting a view controller, be sure to include your navigation controller.

I am nearly done in my project, but the management seems not so caring about this app. I'm not sure why. The sad thing happened today was I decided not to support iOS7 for now, because I find it hard to implement a Search Function for iOS7, given that the design of the app that I am doing does not include a search bar, and it is easier to implement Search Controller for iOS8 and above.


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